My First Vine Video

The vine has been looping for over a year unmolested by viewers.

As “Dr. Obvious” my experiment in doing nothing proves that when you become a Vine member you need to do more than make a video, you need to be social. Liking, following and commenting is the best way to attract more followers, which like any social network is key. That’s why the word “social” is there in the first place.

Creating content that is relevant and updated with regularity is a big part of your success. Vine videos need to clear, have a point and fit within your company’s brand. They can often be created quickly if you plan ahead. When you have an video production or special occasion coming up that will interest your customers make sure that it’s caught with the ubiquitous selfie stick and with a vine video. If you are in France, please be aware the use of selfie sticks have been outlawed, which is another great reason to travel there.

While it’s fun to make vine videos, remember it’s business too. You must be take into account is the amount of time you have to be an active member of a given social network. Liking, following and commenting takes time, even if the videos are only six seconds long. How much time, which equals marketing dollars, do you want to spend to attract viewers and potential clients on any one social network?

Perhaps, the most important question to answer before you join a social network is if your customers or potential customers use it. If your customers are off watching cat videos somewhere else, why should you be there? There’s no reason to be on every social network, just like there no reason to be in every magazine, television or radio station. And it’s not practical.

Whatever social network(s) you decide to join, I can help you make or train you how to make videos that hit the mark and are part of a cost effective strategy to interact with your customers, the nice ones, not those trolls you keep hearing about that live under the internet.

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  1. December 19, 2016    

    Guess what? Vine is changing and most of its client base is gone. So, relying on one social network is also a mistake. Social networks are private companies that can and often do change as they follow the money.

    Click on the link for more information:

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